Property Management Life Cycle

The Property Management Life Cycle

The Property Management Life Cycle (PMLC) is a control panel of sorts, used to organize the often chaotic mess of property management, as well as being a collaboration tool so that everyone in an organization has a central place for securely storing and accessing files from any device with a web browser and an Internet connection and from anywhere in the world. All of this is wrapped nicely in a revolutionary interface that makes it easy for you and your staff to find the documents and files you need, when you need them.

So you could be on vacation at the beach, and you could keep on top of things if you wanted to get a little work done while you were away or in case there were emergencies and you were away from the office. Of course there's never any emergencies in property management, right? Property management fits nicely into a 9 to 5, Monday through Friday timeframe, right? Well if the business comes at you from every angle on every day and at all hours of the day like it does us, then this is the tool that could save you. It can save you lots of time and it can save you lots of money.

And of course the Broker can disseminate written policies, procedures, checklists, letters and documents using the PMLC to guide their staff. The problem of where does everyone find the broker-approved documents is solved. This interactive document manager lets you and your staff locate exactly the right document, the one you designed and authorized, when they need it.

PMLCMany of you that are company Brokers have invested thousands of hours, and buckets of legal fees, developing just the right document, checklist, policy, procedure and letters to address mold claims, unauthorized pets, foreclosures, renewals, maintenance, move-in documents, dispute resolutions and the thousand other challenges of your business. You’ve paid legal fees, paid dearly for your learning curves, given money back to clients, defended yourselves and spent thousands of hours documenting the perfect way to handle just about everything you do to manage rentals. The frustration comes when you and your staff don’t use the documents you've created because they search and can’t find them, find multiple documents covering the same issues, don’t know where to look, use the wrong one and end up creating their own.

Managing through others is a beautiful thing if they will do it your way, learn from your experience, use the stuff you created as you learned the business. If they can’t easily find your way they will do it their way and you’ll have to clean up the mess.

The Property Management Life Cycle interactive system lets you organize your management world in a simple, systematic way that even your new hire will be able to understand. It's based on the natural cycle of processes every manager goes through when they manage a property. It starts with Marketing for Owners and ends with Terminating the Property. It gives the company owner a place to put every thing they want their staff to find when and where they need it, and it allows the broker to control what their staff uses in the course of managing for them.

This incredible online control panel or command center will:

  • Save the broker/company owner money
    Your learning curves have cost you dearly. If you have paid to learn something, don’t invite your staff to pay to learn it again. What you paid was enough. If they can locate exactly what you want them to use you won’t have to pay again for their learning curve.

  • Save you and your staff precious time
    Time is wasted when people can’t quickly find what they need. They hate to ask so they use search devices, or cruise your file server or even the Internet until they find something that looks close to what they need. In this business close isn’t good enough. The broker's approved process must be used every time. Your staff will be able to locate just the right document every time with the Property Management Life Cycle.

  • Protect the broker and the company
    When staff follows the broker's approved format, exactly the way he/she designed it, the broker is less likely to be exposed to the costs of mistakes and learning curves of staff. When staff is pushed to create their own, brokers get into trouble and spend precious time unraveling mistakes. The Property Management Life Cycle makes it easy to find the broker-approved process quickly and protects the broker.

  • Speed-train new staff
    New staff will be up and running in a fraction of the time if they know exactly where to go to find the broker's approved procedure, letter,form, policy, checklist and document. This process cycle allows you to hire down by providing a simple way for unlicensed, inexperienced people to do their job just the way you want it done. When everyone can find everything they need, when they need it, in the broker approved format, they can do things as you want them done, even though they don’t have the experience you have.

  • Give you vault-like security for your documents
    Not only do you have a username and password, and account controls for others, has a industry standard "Secure Certificate" that creates a secure connection between your computer or device and your PMLC, the same level of security you get when you access your online banking. Your connection to is encrypted with 256-bit encryption. Our servers have an industry best 99.997% uptime, all in multiple secure monitored datacenters.

  • Give you hard-drive crash protection and fire/flood damage protection
    We all work feverishly all day long and many of us don't back up like we should. If your hard drive crashes on your machine or on your local server, you're toast if you don't have a good backup. Same goes if you have a fire or flood where your files or your computers are located. Your documents are safe with us, and we back up every evening so if there ever is a crash with your machine, we have you covered. If our hard drive crashes, you're also covered. Rest easy; you've got plenty more important things to worry about.

  • Allow you to choose if staff or assistants have write priveleges
    There are many times when you might decide that an employee, personal assistant, or temp should not have write privileges to your PMLC, although they need to work with the documents you have in place. You get to choose. You can choose whether anyone accessing your PMLC gets read-only, or read and write access.

  • Allow you to have multiple office locations
    No longer does everyone need to report to a physical office. You can work out of your home while your assistant works out of theirs. You can have multiple offices (i.e. multi-family). You can have leasing agents that are part of the team and never have to visit the office. You can expand into new geographic markets. The options are endless, and best of all, it saves you money on office expenses.

  • Help you with version control.
    How often have you worked on documents with people, collaberating, going back and forth with a multitude of versions? Your inbox is full of all the versions and iterations and it gets confusing knowing the status of a particular document. With the PMLC, you keep only the latest document updated in the PMLC that all parties involved can access. It's a central location that keeps everything nice and organized.

  • Help you hire more-qualified people
    Let's face it, many people like flexibility and autonomy as much as salary. You may not be able to pay an employee top-dollar, but you can convince them that your perks are worth it. With the PMLC, one of the perks can be to work from home, or to be able to be away from the office more than if you didn't have this system. Get the right people in your business and it will thrive.

  • Let you create as many accounts as you want
    Everyone has their own access. If someone leaves your company, delete their account. If you have a new hire, create them an account. You have total control as the administrator.

  • Give you unparalleled access to your documents
    With your own PMLC, you have 24/7 access to all of your documents, for your business, for all your properties, for your owners, for your tenants, from anywhere in the world with a web browser and an Internet connection. No more setting up VPN remote access, no more worrying about the technology; it's ready to go.

  • Give you the ease of use you crave with a turnkey system
    Who needs another application or software that needs to be installed and then configured and tested? With the PMLC, there's no installation needed. No downloads, no apps. We've spent tons of development time so that we don't waste your time. Once you check out, you're up in running in minutes. All you have to do is create any user accounts and add your documents, and we even have those for sale too if you need them. This is truly a turnkey system.

  • Give you a 30-day money back guarantee
    What do you have to lose? Nothing. Order it, play around with it, and if you don't like, just tell us within 30 days what you don't like (so that we can fix it for others) and we'll give you a complete refund. Now that's easy and hassle-free.

No more waiting for the searching tool to locate the right letter.

No more making up a new one because you couldn’t find the one your broker developed.

No more waiting until the broker is around to tell you where the checklist is found.

No more time wasted finding just the right policy.

No more training the new hire where to find just the right document.

Take a peak at how the PMLC can work for you below - a 10 minute intro.
*Please note: the PMLC comes with no documents, although documents can be purchased separately from us.

If you can't see the video above, here's the link directly to the PMLC Overview movie »

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